National Recycling Challenge

Great news! We’re making steps towards putting together our second National Recycling Challenge. We didn’t get around to running the challenge the past few years. We’re now looking to get back into it as the first one, we fell, was a massive success. The biggest takeaway from that first one was the awareness. We were able to reach and educate so many people about the problem our country, and others around the world, are facing with the disposal of electronic consumer devices.

The first challenge was a huge success. We saw engagement from hundreds, if not thousands, of people during that last campaign. Our long-term goal is to reduce the amount of technology waste we see in our country and around the world. As most people know, it’s hard to really nail down all the facts about how much waste comes from consumer devices but we continue our efforts to try to drive this number down. We do have some basic statistics on our Know the Facts page that you can have a look at. The details on this page are staggering which is exactly why we’ve decided to relaunch the challenge.

With the new challenge, we’re hoping to get even more engagement from citizens across the country. We want to create it in such a way that we can gather success stories and testimonials from everyday people that are doing their part to reduce the amount of electronic waste. Right now we’re in the initial phase of planning but are looking to move quickly. We don’t have any launch dates in mind (this will follow). Part of this phase is to revisit things that worked in the first National Recycling Challenge and finds ways to improve them. Another part is to determine things that were less than successful and either revise the strategy or drop it completely. If you were a part of the first challenge and have any comments or ideas feel free to visit the Contact Us page and pass them on. Some of the best ideas from the first challenge came from our readers and we hope to recieve the same type of feedback. If you’re new to the site and aren’t sure what we’re talking about, make sure you have a look at What We Do.

We’re keeping this entry short and sweet so we can get back to planning. Make sure you check back often to receive updates on how things are progressing and to share your ideas as they pop into your head.

Our Site Is Back Up


Great news! We have our website back up and running. If you’ve stopped by in the last few months you would have noticed that our site was down for maintenance. We ran into an issue and lost everything from our previous site and had to have this one built from scratch.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to Winnipeg SEO & Web Design Company, Iron Anchor Marketing, for taking the time to work with us to bring our site back from the dead. The silver lining here is that the site looks much better than it did in the past. 

While the new site was being built, we have been extremely busy working with organizations across the country to secure more and more used electronic devices for recycling. Our plate is very full at the moment, we’re having trouble keeping up with demand. We’re now looking at streamlining our processes to allow us to increase our efforts exponentially. 

Once we have our processes under control, we plan to start updating this site with more information regarding the recycling of electronic devices. If you’ve read the Facts page on the new site you would know that the number of discarded electronic devices is growing across the world. Properly disposing of these devices is becoming a more severe problem each and every day. We know we’re just one small company, but we continue to try and make a difference; however big that may be. 

We’d also just like to thank all of our supporters; you know who you are. Without the support of everyone inside and outside the company we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We hope you’ll continue to think of the environment everytime you upgrade your phone, tablet, laptop or other electronic device. As an individual it’s difficult to make a difference, but collectively we truly can. 

Feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact page if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We’d love to hear from you.